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CAPITAL Prepaid Services works with program managers to connect them with our BIN-sponsoring program. 

We help program managers with:

  • Settlement
  • Risk Management
  • Connection to major card brand networks

Why CAPITAL Prepaid

Low cost, high value BIN sponsorship

Capital Prepaid Services provides BIN sponsorship for prepaid card programs ranging from reloadable, general purpose reloadable (GPR), government, insurance to corporate, including incentive, reward, and payroll.

But no matter the type of program, we follow the same consultative approach with prepaid program managers.

The net benefit to you: reduced time to market — even for the most complex of programs.

Custom Solutions

Flexible Operating Model

We are an ideal fit for both experienced and new prepaid program managers.

We don’t follow an “agenda” that leaves little room for service provider autonomy. We support our service providers in managing their own programs with the proper oversight, positioning them for success with a consultative, relationship-driven approach.

When you work with us, you are assigned a relationship manager who serves as a single point of contact. What’s more, our expert guidance ensures that your programs remain in regulatory compliance as well as adhere to card brand and network standards, while allowing you to own your own destiny.

Depth of Experience

With You All The Way

We focus on every detail and understand the ins and outs of prepaid card issuing.

Our team members are prepared to help you prosper in a high-growth industry where seemingly continuous regulatory changes are the norm.

Partnering with us gives you access to a full roster of services that includes settlement; reconciliation of funds and income accounts; and a compliant connection to Mastercard and Visa, along with any assistance needed to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.

A New Partner for Prepaid Programs

Mercator Grou Prepaid Card Program Whitepaper

Industry Research

Opportunities within the Prepaid Market

This exclusive report from The Mercator Group provides a deep investigation into the prepaid card market, including where companies like our’s fit within the prepaid card value chain.

Contact us to download this report. Inside you’ll find:

  • Prepaid Card value chain and market structure
  • What BIN sponsors do, and how to evaluate them
  • Additional partners required to create a prepaid card program
  • Operational risks and compliance concerns

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